This website has been created by Toyota del Perú S.A., official sales representative and importer of the Toyota, Hino, Daihatsu and Lexus brands in Peru (hereinafter referred to as Toyota), in order to inform the users about the terms and conditions applied to the use of the web portal. By accessing and using this website, you accept, without limitations or reservations, the provisions detailed below. Therefore, the access to the Toyota webpage is subject to these provisions and to applicable legislation. The information available in this website is separated from the Toyota dealer network information. Hence, under no conditions they will be interchangeable.


1.           What is personal information?

It is any piece of information that can identify a natural person or that can help identify the person through means that can be reasonably used. Through the website’s forms Toyota will be able to collect different personal information such as:


  • Name and last name
  • Identification card (ID, Tax payer number, Alien Registration Certificate or Passport)
  • Gender
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number


By completing the website’s forms with your personal information, you guarantee that the information given is exact, true, and updated. Additionally, by submitting this information you are giving express consent to Toyota to use your personal information according to the purposes described in this Policy. If you register incorrect information, Toyota will not be able to contact you.


2.           Purpose of personal information

The personal information that you have submitted by visiting the Toyota website will be used to manage applications effectively, develop quality control for our products and services; send information related to the products, services, sales, commercial communications, special deals,  conduct surveys and statistic evaluations, loyalty activities and also to offer after-sales services related to guarantee, revision, queries and/or complaints.


If the collected information was used for a different purpose, previous consent would be requested from the users.


3.           Consent

By submitting your personal information you give clear, informed, express, previous and free consent for Toyota to use your personal information according to the purposes described in this document. Furthermore, by providing us with the information required in the website’s forms -whether for requesting the price of a vehicle or for a query or complaint- you guarantee that the information given is exact, true, and updated.


4.           Information transfer to third parties

Considering the purposes for the collection of information, Toyota will be able to transfer your personal information to related companies and/or strategic partners with a similar activity inside or outside the country, as well as to the authorized dealer network, as long as you don’t withdraw this authorization. In accordance with legal requirements, Toyota may need to share our users’ personal information with courts and other authorities to comply with legal proceedings or demands of a public authority and/or demands of any applicable regulation.


5.           Handling of underage personal information

We understand the importance of protecting the privacy of underage public, particularly in a web environment. Therefore, without the parents or guardian’s consent we will not handle personal information of any minor under the age of fourteen. If we determine upon collection that the person is underage, we will proceed to eliminate this person’s information. Nevertheless, if the minor was 14 years old or older, he/she will be able to fill the Toyota’s web forms as long as he/she can understand the reasons and purposes of the handling of his/her personal information.


6.           Period of conservation

What do we do with personal information as time goes by?

The collected information will be kept by Toyota for the time period that we consider necessary to comply with the purposes herein described, as well as for the time that any regulation requires, being eliminated when it stops being necessary.


7.           Security measures for the protection of personal information

What security measures has Toyota taken?

We have adopted the measures required by law and we are committed to handling personal information as confidential. To prevent the unauthorized access or outreach and ensure the appropriate use of the information, we have security measures for access, information backups and protection logs of the collected and processed information, according to the Personal Data Protection Law (LPDP for its initials in Spanish). Toyota is not responsible for the risk of personal information loss when the user transfers information to the Toyota servers from a computer or mobile device.


8.           Rights of information, revocation and ARCO rights

We protect you! Users can exercise their rights protected by current laws in the offices of Toyota, through its webpage or through the e-mail address You have a series of rights regarding your personal information contemplated by the law that can be applied in any given moment you desire. These rights are listed below:

  • Access: right of the personal information holder to obtain information related to his/her personal information, as well as, all the conditions and generalities of the handling of such information.
  • Rectification:  right of the personal information holder to have the false, incorrect or inexact pieces of information modified.
  • Cancelation: right of the personal information holder to request the withdrawal or cancelation of his/her personal information when he/she considers that it is not being handled according to the law and its regulations.
  • Opposition: right of the personal information holder to request the removal of his/her personal information when he/she has not given his/her consent for the collection of such information for a legitimate and justified cause related to a concrete situation.
  • Information: right of the personal information holder to request information about the Personal Data Protection Law, related provisions and his/her rights.
  • Revocation: right of the personal information holder to withdraw his/her consent for the handling of his/her personal information at any given moment without prior justification and without retroactive effects being applied.


9.           Use of cookies

Toyota will inform you about the sending of cookies to computers or mobile devices every time you visit this website or use any of its applications


Every time you visit this website, or use any of its applications, we will inform you about the sending of cookies to the computer or mobile devices. Toyota will handle the information obtained from cookies the same way it handles personal information.


We collect information through cookies for the same purposes we collect personal information. The information collected through cookies will be transferred to third parties under the same regulations we transfer personal information. Toyota will keep this personal information safe according to the law and it will also be treated as confidential. As a user, you have the same rights over the information collected through cookies as for the personal information you have given us.


As a user you can disable the majority of the cookies that are sent to computers and mobiles devices by changing the default setting for your browsers and operative systems. Changing the setting of your cookies can result in Toyota not offering you personalized content


10.      Social Networks

Toyota is not responsible for the information of the social networks you may access through the Toyota website. The social networks used both by you and by Toyota have their own privacy policies to which you will be subject.

Additionally, Toyota disclaims all liability that may arise from the incorrect functioning and/or inadequate use of social networks, falsehood of content and illegal forms in which this was obtained, as well as, for the liquidated damages that the posts in these networks may cause.


11.      Changes in the Privacy Policy

Toyota reserves the right to make the changes we consider appropriate to our Privacy Policy in any given moment and without previous notice.


All the herein stated is in accordance with the Law N° 29733 and its correspondent regulation. By clicking “agree”, ticking the square, etc., you acknowledge reading and understanding these Privacy Policy and give consent for the handling of your personal information for the purposes above mentioned.


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